Heat pump WP Grid-LoQ for cold district heating

District heating heat pump WP Grid-LoQ

The heat pump for use in cold district heating networks

The WP Grid-LoQ heat pump stands for maximum efficiency in a compact form, for use in innovative heat and energy concepts (heating network 4.0), primarily in residential areas, but also in industry and commerce. The systems are optimised for use in cold local heating networks, i.e. a centrally accessed geothermal heat source. Regardless of whether the geothermal heat is supplied by a ground register or groundwater by a probe array, the WP Grid-LoQ always operates at the optimum operating point thanks to speed control. In addition, it offers a high annual performance factor and thus ensures low plant operating costs.

The advantages of the WP Grid-LoQ series at a glance:

Ideally suited for cold local district heating networks
Temperatures up to 72°C possible, therefore ideal for use in hot water production
Very quiet operation thanks to sound-proofed compressor
Power range:2,5 - 20,8 kW
Simple connection to district heating and the house internal heating distribution
Space-saving, compact installation
Demand-optimized, flexible operation possible through inverter technology

Special features:

Inverter control:

The WP Grid LoQ series can cover a very broad performance spectrum in the area of heat generation or cooling by means of the standard integrated speed control using inverter technology. Thus, a wide range of applications is available here. Inverter technology also allows, for example, power regulation in order to use PV power for heating or cooling purposes as required. This heat pump offers you the highest savings potential, as it always delivers the right output and automatically adjusts to the current energy requirements of the living space at any time of the year. The term Flex (F), for flexible speed, can be found in the name of the respective system for inverter heat pumps. The systems therefore bear an F in their type designation.

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