Kaskaden-Wärmepumpen KK
Cascade heat pumps KK

Kaskaden-Wärmepumpe WP Max-LoQ KK vom Hersteller ratiotherm

Kaskadierte Wärmepumpen für mehr Leistung in der Nutzung von Umweltwärme

Cascade heat pump WP Max-LoQ KK from the manufacturer ratiotherm

Cascaded heat pumps for more performance in the use of environmental heat

The structure of the WP Max-LoQ KK cascade heat pump is unique on the market. It can be designed as a brine / water or water / water heat pump. The LoQ technology allows the use of source network temperatures of -5 - 15 ° C, an ideal way to make brine sources usable for heating purposes.


The Max-LoQ KK consists of a base platform and two or three mutually independent heat pump modules, which can be combined with each other from 15-35 kW heating output in a modular design. Thanks to the clever combination of Fix-Speed ​​heat pump modules with inverter heat pump modules, the cascade control integrated into the overall system can efficiently cover any operating condition in a very wide performance range. A subsequent change or increase in performance is possible at any time thanks to the ratiotherm Plug'n'Play system. To do this, one of the power sections is simply pulled out of the basic chassis and replaced by a module with a different performance. The environmentally friendly refrigerant R513A allows flow temperatures of 72 ° C.

The advantages of the WP Max-LoQ KK series at a glance:

Reliable operation thanks to high quality components
Flexibly combinable heat pump modules allow a wide range of services
Best efficiency through high labor figures (COP)
6.5 - 95 kW
High performance reserve thanks to cascade structure
Integrated cascade control for optimal operating conditions at all times

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