Water heat pump WP Max-W and WP Max-S

District heating transfer station WP Max-Grid

The clever combination of heat pump and transfer station

The WP Max-Grid transfer station with integrated heat pump stands for maximum efficiency in a compact form, for use in innovative heat or energy concepts (heating network 4.0), primarily in the area of neighbourhoods, but also in industry and commerce. This unusual combination of interfaces to classic local heating and cold local heating in one product opens up a wide range of applications.

The advantages of the WP Max-Grid series at a glance:

Ideally suited for cold or gliding local district heating networks
Easy connection to district heating and internal heating distribution
Temperatures up to 75°C possible, therefore ideal for use in hot water production

COP up to 4,39

Space-saving, compact installation
Ideal for use with constantly changing source network temperatures
Flexible operation possible due to inverter technology, optimised to requirements
Power range:
3 - 28 kW (W20/W55)

Special features:

Inverter control:

The WP Max-Grid series can cover a very wide performance spectrum in the field of heat generation or cooling via the standard integrated speed control by means of inverter technology. Thus a wide range of applications is available. Inverter technology, for example, also permits power regulation in order to use PV electricity as required for heating or cooling purposes. This heat pump offers you the highest savings potential because it always delivers the right output and automatically adapts to the current energy demand of the living space at any time of the year.


Flexible source network temperatures:

By equipping the WP Max-Grid with the Grid technology patented by ratiotherm, the user is able to tap any heat source as a source for the heat pump. Even if the source temperatures change constantly within a temperature window of 10-55°C (e.g. process heat during various work steps), the WP Max-HiQ always works at the optimum operating point. For the operation of the plant this means a minimization of the operating costs with maximum coefficient of performance (COP).


Transfer station - heat pump combination:

The heat pumps of the Grid series are equipped with a transfer station for "classic" local heat at a temperature level of 60-95°C. The heat pumps are also equipped with a heat transfer station for "classic" local heat. This heat can be transferred directly to the heating system in the building. The additionally integrated heat pump is deactivated in this operating state. As soon as the heating network is lowered to low temperatures (10-55°C), the heat pump takes over the temperature range set by the heating system and hot water to up to 75°C. The heat pump is then switched off in this operating state.

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