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ratiotherm employs over 20 people in the tranquil Upper Bavarian community of Dollnstein, idyllically located in the Altmühltal Nature Park. From there, state-of-the-art heating technology finds its way to half of Europe: 150 companies in Germany and another 50 in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux are official business partners of Upper Bavaria.  Since 1994, the patented Oskar° stratified storage tanks have been manufactured in Dollnstein in the company's own 3,500 square metre plant. In addition to the lively pioneering and inventive spirit, domestic in-house production is the second pillar of ratiotherm's company philosophy.  The flagship Oskar° is an intelligent energy manager which, thanks to its patented layer system, organises the heat of every heating system so efficiently that up to 30% energy costs and more can be saved. The Oskar° stratified storage tank has been causing a sensation in the market for many years with its successful formula "maximum possible savings in heating costs with minimum control effort" and is an example of ratiotherm's core competence: Only the intelligent storage of energy ensures the real efficiency of a heating system!

However, ratiotherm has not only kept an eye on heat storage, but also on heat generation. In 2003, the Upper Bavarian heat specialists developed the hybrid heat pump Oskar° Max-Sol² in cooperation with the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. Its ingenious design also makes it possible to use the temperatures of a solar thermal system below 40 °C, for example, which classical solar thermal systems have not usually achieved to date. Since mid-2015, ratiotherm has also been producing its own series of collectors for both pitched and flat-roof systems - naturally at the company site in Dollnstein. With its new collector range, ratiotherm can now offer its business partners all the components of an efficient heating system - from solar thermal collectors to stratified storage tanks to intelligent control systems.

Since standstill would mean regression, ratiothem integrated its new business field "ratioplan" in January 2016. Dollnsteiner will thus be offering the market comprehensive, energy-efficient heating concepts in the future. The focus will be on solutions for sustainable heating networks in municipalities, communities and industry. The active team of the competence department at ratioplan is now giving the growth topic "Regenerative heating networks for the municipal and commercial sector" the right impetus. The first ratiotherm lighthouse project can be found - which would be closer - in Dollnstein, Germany. Here already successfully reality became, which is to be converted Germany far in the course of the next ten to fifteen years: An intelligent heat supply through a local heating network that supplies only the heat that is actually needed by the customers in a needs-based and variable manner. No wonder that this project has been awarded the title of "Ecological Lead Project 2015" by the Bavarian Environmental Network KUMAS. Jury statement: "Convincing exemplary character for municipal heat supply in Germany". With its pioneering spirit, ratiotherm continues to set standards in the German heating market.