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Electronically controlled home station EWS

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Heating water flows through a home station and the station installed per housing unit distributes the heat decentrally and as required to room heating and hot water generation. Especially in larger rental properties, the question often arises for property management: which rental party has which consumption? How much heat? How much water? With home stations, it is much easier to determine the actual consumption; it is done via correspondingly installed counters, which communicate with the control technology. The systems record the individual consumption, according to which it is possible to bill per housing unit. This can also be done remotely if the station is connected to the Internet and equipped accordingly. Most systems are differential pressure controlled, ratiotherm is already relying on a future-oriented integrated solution - electronic control as a complete system for heating.

The advantages of the Electronically Controlled Home Station (EWS) at a glance

Drinking water heating takes place where the water is needed: in the home. This saves large central systems and functions without hot water storage systems endangered by Legionella. Hot water is always available in sufficient quantities.
Exact and transparent: annual billing is based on actual consumption per apartment.
Full control: the hottest drinking water temperature can be set individually.

Flow rates: 18 - 25 l/min

If you want, you can save. Through direct consumption billing, one's own behaviour also directly influences costs.
Economical to install: no circulation or hot water pipes are required outside the home.
Variable and independent of the energy source: local or district heating, combined heat and power plants, solar thermal or geothermal energy can all be used as heat sources - even in a network.
Electronic reading of consumption data

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