DHW heating - Drinking water compact station TWK

Drinking water compact station TWK

Compact and sophisticated

The TWK compact drinking water station for heating fresh water is designed as a high-performance instantaneous water heater that heats the cold drinking water using the hot heating water from the Oskar° stratified tank in countercurrent mode.

The advantages of the TWK compact drinking water station at a glance:

Compact unit pre-assembled and insulated for minimal losses
Quickly and reliably heats exactly as much water as is needed
Constant power control

Flow rate 25-37 l/min

Energy savings of up to 15% can be achieved by decoupling hot water preparation from the heating system, which is now optimised for lower water temperatures
Extremely short reaction time with fresh-water requirement
heat output
70 - 100 KW Single-level system

The heating technology used in the compact drinking water station enables high flow rates to be achieved, and the amount of water that can be called up can also be regulated steplessly. At our stations, the quantity of fresh hot water that the user can purchase is provided precisely and flexibly for maximum efficiency and minimum losses.

The TWK drinking water heater is not only hygienically flawless, it also saves a great deal of expensive energy through minimal heat losses during standstill and low charging temperatures. The limitation of the charging temperature to below 60°C (if permitted by the Drinking Water Ordinance) also prevents lime dissolved in the water from precipitating during cooling in the heat exchanger and protects the user from scalding due to excessively hot water.

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