Domestic water heating - Drinking water cascade heating TWKK

Stations de potabilisation d'eau compactes en cascade

Des performances maximales pour un rendement supérieur

Drinking water heating using the flow-through principle is the optimum solution for buildings where there is a high demand (e.g. hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, etc.) and high drinking water hygiene must be ensured. Cascading ensures a high level of control accuracy for a wide range of drinking water requirements - from the use of only one extraction point to peak loads.

The advantages of the drinking water cascade heater at a glance:

Compact unit pre-assembled and insulated for minimal losses
Quickly and reliably heats exactly as much water as is needed
High performance reserves of cascade solutions, with optimum efficiency at every operating point

Flow rate: 75 - 150 l/min

Extremely short reaction time with fresh water requirement
Highly efficient circulation and disinfection station as part of the cascade
Flexible adaptation to large hot water requirements through parallel connection
heat output:
200 - 400 kW Larger capacities on request

Technical measures for the reduction of Legionella growth according to the drinking water ordinance must be observed in large plants. Accordingly, systems with a drinking water volume of more than 400 l and/or a pipe volume greater than 3 l between the drinking water heating outlet and the tapping point must be uniformly heated to at least 60 °C everywhere at least once a day. In addition, the temperature in the circulating hot water system must not be more than 5 degrees below the storage tank outlet temperature. The larger the volume of hot drinking water stored, the more heat energy is required by the prescribed sterilisation of the system. Our fresh water technology performs these tasks very efficiently and reliably in combination with the corresponding control technology.

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