DHW Heating - Fresh Water System FWS-4/200

Fresh Water System FWS-4/200

Simple, solid fresh-water technology

Our FWS-4/200 combines the advantages of fresh water technology in terms of hygiene and comfort with the advantages of a larger buffer volume of the heating system, as the boiler has to start much less frequently and therefore less fuel is required.

The advantages of the fresh water system FWS-4/200 at a glance:

Compact unit pre-assembled and insulated for minimal losses
Additional buffer volume reduces the number of burner starts required, thus saving energy
Quickly and reliably heats exactly as much water as is needed

Flow rate: 25 l/min

Extremely short reaction time with fresh water requirement
Constant power control even with fluctuating power outputs
Storage capacity:
200 l Heating water

The fresh water station consists of a buffer filled with 200 L heating water and the efficient drinking water compact station (TWK), which has been tried and tested for many years. In the compact overall system, warm heating water flows through the plate heat exchanger on one side and fresh cold water on the other side using the countercurrent principle. The heating water transfers the required heat to the fresh water and heats it precisely and flexibly in exactly the quantity required by the user for maximum efficiency, minimum losses and absolute hygiene in drinking water production.

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