Domestic hot water heating - Fresh water technology
Domestic hot water heating - Fresh water technology
Domestic hot water heating - Fresh water technology
Domestic hot water heating - Fresh water technology

Domestic hot water heating - Fresh water technology

Hygienic fresh-water production with high efficiency

Hygiene in drinking water is more present than ever. Because the greatest danger of water contamination is the "standing" supply of hot water, as it was or still is found in boilers. If the fresh water is used to store heat, as is usual in old boilers, an invisible wet biotope is created in the bottom area of the boiler, which nobody would like to have in the house. The ideal place for bacteria, like the life-threatening Legionellen, or for the most different mushrooms, which can be likewise health-damaging. Heat exchanger systems that function like a flow heater solve this problem and are the optimal solution for hygienic drinking water heating.

Just as with stratified storage technology, ratiotherm has therefore been relying on fresh water systems developed in-house for decades. It does not matter whether the detached house or larger objects, such as hotels, need to be supplied with fresh hot water, any application is feasible. We offer optimal solutions for centralised and decentralised hot water preparation.

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Central water heating:

If all hot water outlets in a building are connected to a common network and supplied by one or more hot water generators, this is referred to as central hot water preparation. For water heating, storage tank, flow-through and storage tank charging systems are used. The water is heated indirectly, i.e. the heat energy is transferred to the drinking water via a heat transfer medium. The systems are operated with gas, electricity, district heating, heat pumps, renewable energies or any combination of these energy sources.

Here ratiotherm consistently focuses on efficiency and the advantages of central flow systems. Here, the contents of the heat storage tank consist exclusively of heating water and the energy required for heating drinking water is provided via a heat exchanger at the moment of consumption.

Decentralised water heating:

In addition to electrically operated boiler solutions, decentralised DHW heating also includes home stations. Heating water flows through these stations and the station installed per residential unit distributes the heat to room heating and hot water generation as required. This system also offers a number of advantages during installation, for example no separate pipes for the drinking water supply have to be laid inside the building, which saves costs. In some applications, the prescribed hygienisation is also not absolutely necessary, which increases the efficiency of the decentralised fresh water treatment and saves energy.

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