System technology for heat and energy systems

Intelligent systems by ratiotherm

At ratiotherm, when we talk about system technology, we mean intelligent systems for heat production, storage and use as well as entire heating networks. In this connection, we can rely on a broad range of products, such as specially developed and patented transmission stations with integrated heat pump. The central element of such a system is always a buffer storage tank of a size sufficient to make full use of the expected capacities.

We not only produce components ranging from stratified storage tanks to heat pumps up and devices for fresh water heating, but also the associated, higher-level control and monitoring technology. We implement an energy-management system in conjunction with a cooperation partner. The combination of our products ensures an optimum degree of efficiency for the entire system, although in principle we are also open to the integration of other manufacturers’ components as well. Regardless of the size of the system, our focus is on the use of renewable energies, among other things.

The benefits of system technology at a glance

Space-saving, simple & flexible

There are no standardized solutions in the segment of thermal equipment. Each project is different and must be analysed, assessed and executed accordingly. With this in mind, we develop a tailor-made concept with each individual customer that focuses on that customer’s needs and requirements.

Our product range and our expertise place us in a position to tackle any task. This also applies to the combination and integration of the topic of integrated energy or power-to-heat. This term refers to the use of excess current for heat generation, using controllable producer components in local heat storage tanks or remote/local heat systems and the connection of heat pumps.

Efficiency and energy-saving potential

With system technology by ratiotherm

The conditions for efficient system technology exist only if energy system and energy management are designed by a single source and with a specific project in mind. The sooner a customer involves us in its planning, the more easily we can assess and subsequently realise efficiency and energy savings.

This is difficult to quantify in percentage terms in advance; to do so requires precise definition and analysis of the project. In many cases, the project planner is available to serve as an interface and undertakes the appropriate assessment.

Areas of use of our system technology

Complex systems, as simple as possible

The system technology of ratiotherm targets, first, all planners who seek to implement complex tasks using components that are as easy as possible to integrate. On the other hand, our portfolio offers itself to customers in the trades and industry who not only view the field of energy optimisation and energy management from the standpoint of power but also think and act holistically in terms of resource conservation and climate and environmental protection.

Our solutions are designed in such a way that they can essentially be used wherever intelligent heating systems and their regulation are involve. Our experts are happy to provide detailed advice in this regard.

We offer simple solutions

Coordinated components

We solve complex tasks with ‘simple’ – because sophisticated – system components that are finely tuned to one another and work smoothly with each other. Due to the flexible and modular design, our thermal equipment is not only quick and easy to install but also has small space requirements.

If, for example, larger stratified storage tanks are required, we weld them together directly on site in order not to have to connect several small tanks to one another. Because with each storage component, the internal power loss and the expense of piping and working time increase, the installation becomes more complicated and thus, typically more trouble-prone.

In the end, our customers receive a solution made of various building blocks that stem from a single source; used in conjunction with one another, they yield a perfect overall system of heat generation, heat storage and heat use along with intelligent controls.

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