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The ratiotherm service

For smooth system operation

We at ratiotherm are happy to face up to the responsibility towards our customers: and thereby justify the trust that is placed in us and our craftsmen on site. Whether it is private individuals for whom their own home is a place of family, security and security and the functional safety of the system becomes an important part of the quality of life. Or whether it's about companies that show responsibility for the environment and for whom the investment simply has to pay off for years to come.

Our responsibility therefore begins before the purchase and does not end after the purchase and installation of the heating system. We live from the satisfaction of our customers and consequently rely on the highest quality not only in development and production, but also in advice and service.

Take our word for it, we stand by it!

Storage welding on site

All stratified storage tanks can be welded on site in the boiler room if required. This service is often very interesting when it comes to larger storage tanks (1,300 - 4,000 liters) that do not fit through stairways or doors. Instead of an inefficient parallel connection of several buffer tanks, a single efficient Oskar ° stratified tank can be used. Our experienced welding team also carries out the pressure test of the container on site - as if it had been manufactured in the factory.

Technical hotline

You can contact our technicians by phone on the hotline on weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays and public holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and receive extensive support from the experienced specialist .

Spare parts service

At any location in Germany, spare parts for your ratiotherm products are usually available within 36 hours, regardless of whether Oskar ° stratified storage tanks, fresh water technology or heat pumps.

Commissioning service

At the customer's request, new systems are gladly checked for proper installation by the experienced technicians of the ratiotherm factory customer service and put into operation with the executing specialist company. The first commissioning of each system is documented and documented.

Software update service

The respective operating software for heat pumps and other ratiotherm products, such as the Oskar ° stratified storage tank or our drinking water cascades, can be updated and monitored automatically on request via a separate maintenance contract. Thanks to ratiotherm remote access via the Internet, this process is automated for you.

Maintenance packages

You can conclude maintenance contracts with fixed terms with our service team for your products, especially the heat pumps from ratiotherm. There are various maintenance packages with different scope of services, we would be happy to advise you.

Remote maintenance

The correct function and parameterization of your heat pump and other ratiotherm products are continuously monitored via the conclusion of a corresponding maintenance contract via the Internet and optimized if necessary. Malfunctions are automatically reported to our service personnel and, if requested, automatically rectified - often before you even notice the malfunction.

Product advice

We are happy to provide advice and support during the decision-making process for a new heating system. Our trained staff is happy to help in the optimal dimensioning and design of the system components. On request, you can receive a project-specific hydraulic diagram and the corresponding individual offer, which in turn is the basis for the later programming of the control technology.

Services for maximum efficiency

The efficiency of your ratiotherm heat pump can be measured at the customer's request at any time and optimized by fine-tuning the individual units. In this way, the highest efficiency values are permanently achieved, and proof of COP values against the BAFA is not a problem. The corresponding technology for recording the necessary parameters is built into every ratiotherm heat pump as standard.

Configuration service

In the course of commissioning the system technology, there is the option of our trained service personnel configuring the heat pump or the ratiotherm control either via remote maintenance or as a service on site and adapting it to individual customer wishes or needs. In this way we ensure the highest possible system efficiency.


The statutory guarantees and warranties for ratiotherm system technology can be extended accordingly by concluding a maintenance contract - we would be happy to advise you individually and comprehensively on this topic.

Repair service

Our qualified and trained ratiotherm service specialists carry out all the necessary repairs related to your system technology, regardless of whether Oskar ° stratified tanks, a heat pump or control technology. All-round documentation is also part of our services.

Leak test

Heat pumps are refrigeration devices and are partly subject to the provisions of the F-Gas Regulation. Depending on the size of the system, this can result in an annual inspection requirement for the refrigeration circuit. The ratiotherm factory customer service is happy to take on this service - of course including the necessary documentation and evidence.