Stratified storage tank Oskar°
Stratified storage tank Oskar°

Heat pump storage tank Oskar° WPS

The solution in combination with a heat pump

Oskar° WPS (heat pump cylinder) was specially developed for use in combination with a heat pump. It simplifies the hydraulic connection of a heat pump to the central heat accumulator for heat pumps that require a volume flow of more than 1.5 m³/h without affecting the stratification in the accumulator.

The advantages of the stratified storage Oskar° WPS at a glance:

Heat losses are consistently avoided due to compactly combined feed-in and withdrawal
10 entries and exits at different storage and retrieval heights allow the system to be changed as required

Volume rate max. 1,5 m³/h

High-quality, coordinated components ensure maximum efficiency in heat transfer and minimum energy consumption
Possible blocking times of the energy supplier can be bridged effortlessly by the heat accumulator.
storage volume
400 - 4.000 litres Special sizes on request

The upper part of the tank for hot water preparation remains completely intact. The storage tank allows direct heating into the heating circuit, the heat pump only has to produce what is actually needed. An additional advantage is that the shut-off times of the energy supplier can easily be bridged with this storage tank. Our Oskar° WPS storage heater is available in a wide range of standard and special sizes, depending on the requirements of a project. If required, all ratiotherm storage heaters can also be welded on site, which saves a storage cascade and simultaneously increases the efficiency of the overall system.

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