Startified storage tank Oskar° 10

Startified storage tank Oskar° 10

The all-rounder, flexible and multivalent

Oskar° 10 is recommended for buildings up to, but also over 150 m2 area and in old buildings as well as for a required heating output of up to 30 kW with a layer insert SE 1.5 and up to 100 kW with a layer insert SE 5.0, whereby the size of the layer insert (1.5 or 5.0) defines the maximum flow rate per connection pair.

The advantages of the stratified storage tank Oskar° 10 at a glance:

Less energy is required for the stratification at different extraction temperatures, since only heat at the appropriate level needs to be generated as required.
Heat losses are consistently avoided due to compactly combined feed-in and withdrawal
10 entries and exits at different storage and retrieval heights allow the system to be changed as required

volume rate 1,5 or 5,0 m³/h

High-quality, coordinated components ensure maximum efficiency in heat transfer and minimum energy consumption
Easy installation thanks to complete pre-assembly at the factory
storage volume
400 - 4.000 litres Special sizes on request

Oskar 10°/5.0 is only available from storage volumes of 2,000 l in the standard version. There are no limits to the stratified storage system when connecting different heat generators and heat consumers at the same time. Oskar° 10 is particularly future-proof and can be extended with new water-bearing heat generators without having to convert the piping. A genuine investment into the future, which makes itself paid. Our heat storage tank Oskar° 10 with layer insert 1.5 or 5.0 is available both in a large standard selection and in any special sizes, depending on how a project demands it. If required, all ratiotherm storage heaters can also be welded on site, which saves a storage cascade and simultaneously increases the efficiency of the overall system.

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