Stratified storage tank Oskar° 08

Stratified storage tank Oskar° 08

Endless possibilities: Maximum Flexibility

With Oskar° 08, homeowners do not have to forego the flexible advantages of an Oskar° stratified storage tank, even when space is limited. Oskar° 08 is ideally suited for semi-detached houses, terraced houses and detached houses with a size of up to approx. 200 m2. The Plug'n'Play installation allows the tradesman to install the complete stratified storage tank system, including all necessary add-on modules, in an extremely time-saving manner.

The advantages of the stratified storage tank Oskar° 08 at a glance:

Through stratification, less energy is required at different withdrawal temperatures, since heat only has to be generated at the appropriate level as required
Completely pre-assembled hydraulic module in different equipment variants minimizes the installation time considerably
Design of the storage tank as WPS, for efficient integration of modulating heat generators

Volume flow max. 1,5 m³/h

Central controller integrated in the hydraulic module with prefabricated component wiring (plug) saves the need for an electrician and minimizes installation work
The hydraulic connection of generators can be made from the right or/and left
Oskar° 08 is already prepared for the increasingly important cooling (passive or active)
Storage volume
500 - 1.000 Litres Completely pre-assembled

Oskar° 08 is ideal for use in conjunction with space-saving, wall-mounted oil and gas condensing boiler systems, heat pumps, automatic pellet boilers and other water-bearing heat generators up to 15 kW. Of course, Oskar° 08 also increases the efficiency of a solar system. Stratified storage tank Oskar° 08 is available exclusively as a package in the sizes 500 L, 750 L or 1000 L. The system is characterised by an extremely compact design. Thanks to the Plug'n'Play installation, the hydraulic system and the associated control system can be installed in a very short time. After placing the stratified storage tank Oskar° 08 in the heating room, only a pre-assembled and wired hydraulic module (weighing approx. 80kg) is placed in front of the stratified storage tank and connected to the 8 connections in the foot area of the stratified storage tank. Finally, the controller is hooked in and the coded plugs are connected to the plug panel accordingly - the installation is finished!

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