Control technology with the central controller 16x2

The central controller 16x2

Intelligent and sophisticated networking

If we look at the heating system as an organism, then the stratified storage tank Oskar° represents the heart, the regulation and control unit, our central controller, is the brain. As part of a sophisticated and intelligent energy management system, temperatures are recorded at various measuring points, valves controlled, heat generators activated and pumps switched on or off.

The advantages of the central controller 16x2 at a glance:

Programming solution for almost every application, only a few parameters need to be adjusted by the customer
Software is optimized to consistently avoid heat and energy losses and to increase regenerative energy gains.
Optimum networking of the entire heating system
Maximum flexibility through freely configurable inputs and outputs or a corresponding expansion option for managing further transducers and actuators
Maximum comfort
A completely coordinated system with other ratiotherm components
configurable according to customer requirements

The basis for this is software that is individually adapted to the individual components of the heating system and the requirements of the occupants. The goal: maximum savings with maximum use of regenerative energies, without losing sight of comfort.

Decades of experience have gone into the intelligent and sophisticated software of the central controller, which uses even the smallest adjustment screw of a sophisticated system for ongoing optimisation. In this way, the system technology can react flexibly to a wide variety of situations. At the same time, heat and energy losses are consistently avoided.

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