Control technology for district heating with SiMon

SiMon Energy management Software

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Application area local heating network - exemplary excerpt of the possible scope of services

Connection of the consumers (transfer station)

  • Recording of data provided by the station, including consumption data of consumers (electricity, heat)
  • Recording of data as history
  • Monitoring of the disturbance signals and message including fault message
  • Freely programmable evaluation for extended fault detection including fault message
  • automatic determination of load profiles
  • Forecast/prediction of future consumption values based on self-learning algorithms (version-dependent)

Connection of energy generators (e.g. central heating, decentral PV systems)

  • Acquisition of the data made available by the aggregates
  • Recording of data as history
  • Monitoring of the disturbance signals and message including fault message
  • Freely programmable evaluation for extended fault detection including fault message
  • Mapping of different producers as independent modules (e.g. electricity - heat, CHP - gas boiler)
  • Forecast/prediction of future generation performance based on self-learning algorithms
  • Programmability of the generator configuration for optimized, predictive generation

Higher-level functions

  • Freely programmable control system for optimizing the operation of the local heating network, based on the collected data and calculated forecasts
  • Freely programmable functions to extend the control logic
  • Freely programmable monitoring including fault message


  • Freely configurable visualization in any user interface, e.g. to display consumption and generation data or fault and error messages
  • Representation of user-related (recipient) information
  • administration
  • Maintenance of an asset book for manual documentation of freely configurable objects (e.g. per generator or transfer station)
  • Automated export of data, e.g. for accounting or documentation purposes

SiMon is a freely programmable software which takes over tasks such as intelligent energy monitoring and energy analysis.  It can record any number of data points in real time (neural network). The main feature is the integrated, self-learning optimization function, based on artificial intelligence. Data from the past are analysed in order to derive generation strategies for the future supplemented with forecast data. In combination with integrated function modules, such as weather forecasts or calculations of the sun's position, the economic efficiency of a local heating network or the heating system of a larger building can be significantly optimised. This software is used in the administration and control of complex tasks.

The advantages of the energy management software SiMon at a glance

Open architecture guarantees arbitrary adaptations to existing and future infrastructure
Automatic billing methods e.g. of heat meters in central systems
Complete fault management of the entire system at a central location
Comprehensive and central documentation of all system data, measuring points and fault messages.
Artificial Intelligence Customizable user interface

Possible tasks SiMon can take over:

  • Data management: Capturing any data sources in real time, archiving in databases, evaluation of historical data, connection to cloud data
  • Monitoring: Permanent monitoring of incoming data, recognition of fault messages and errors, automatic data analysis to determine deviations, information by e-mail, SMS, etc.
  • Visualization: Representation of any processes and data, evaluation and availability of historical data, configuration of any graphical user interfaces.
  • Control: Event-oriented control, control of any IO components, mapping of any number of logic and mathematical functions, administration of any macros.
  • Optimization: Evaluation of collected data using self-learning algorithms (artificial intelligence), intelligent control of connected components.
  • Data export: collection and provision of data (e.g. as a basis for energy audits, etc.)

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