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District heating Haßfurt (2016)

In the course of urban development, the city of Haßfurt planned the development area Am Osterfeld II with local heating supply from the very beginning. Stadtwerke Haßfurt is thus pursuing the consistent course of supplying the city with locally generated energy from renewable sources. Due to the high insulation standard of the buildings in the new development area and the associated low power density in the local heating network, it was decided to design the network as a gliding, cold network.

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    The district heating network is completely supplied with regenerative heat by a central heating plant, which is equipped with a combination of a bio natural gas CHP unit and a solar thermal system. During the summer months (April-October) solar thermal has the possibility to contribute a high share to the energy production, the supply temperature in the network fluctuates between 15-25°C during this time. The target temperature required for heating and hot water supply is achieved by using decentralised heat pump transfer stations in the houses of the connection participants. During the winter months, the CHP unit generates the heat directly and the network is operated at a flow temperature of max. 60-65°C. The heat is then transferred to the heat pump in the houses. The monitoring and control of the complete network is established by means of an artificial neuronal network to collect the necessary measurement data. The energy management software SiMon, adapted to the specifications of the municipal utilities, monitors and coordinates the entire system. The artificial intelligence integrated in the software allows SiMon to evaluate the weather forecast, compare it with the results of the consumer behaviour analysis and select the most resource-saving generation strategy.

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