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District heating Bodenmais (2015)

In an industrial estate in Bodenmais, in the Bavarian Forest, a local heating contractor operates a local heating network. He uses it to supply heat to the surrounding businesses within an industrial estate, which come from a wide variety of sectors. This results in very different consumption characteristics, which the system technology has to balance out accordingly.

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    In addition, 12 residential buildings are connected. The connection receivers are distributed over an area of 50,000 m². Due to the extensive nature of the network, the decision was made to use a cold network at this point. The flow temperatures in summer fluctuate between 20 - 40°C, this energy is generated by flat collectors installed on the facade of the central heating system. These supply the grid completely with heat in the period from April to October. As these temperatures are not sufficient for hot water generation, a small decentralised heat pump with integrated transfer station and daily storage tank (buffer or stratified storage tank) was installed in each of the connected buildings. This raises the temperatures to the required level. In the winter months the heating energy is not sufficient, the entire network is supplied by a wood chip heating system at the usual level of 75°C for local heating. The heat pumps do not work at this time, only the transfer stations decouple the heat for the building heating.

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