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Barn heating in agriculture (2016)

In the course of a new building of a workshop on a resettlement yard in Bavaria, the heating system of the complete building stock was renewed and optimized. The 3 barns are spread over the property, the house is also far away from the barns.

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    Therefore, the decision was made to install a wood chip heating system with a large stratified tank and the photovoltaic heating device, Smart Energy (PV), in the new, centrally located workshop. In the summer months, Smart Energy (PV) generates enough energy to supply the small heating network with hot water at a level of approx. 30°C. The heating system is equipped with a large stratified storage and a photovoltaic heater. Decentrally installed heat pumps (WP Max-Grid) raise the temperature level in the individual stables to the required level, the heat is temporarily stored in stratified tanks to cover possible peak loads. In the winter months the PV heating energy is not sufficient, here a wood chip heating runs and supplies all buildings centrally with heating water at the classic district heating level of approx. 75°C. The heating water is then stored in a buffer storage tank to cover possible load peaks. The decentralised heat pumps do not work during the winter months. The entire system is monitored and controlled by the ratiotherm central controller.

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