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A good idea knows no limits

Regardless of how the heat is generated. Regardless of how it is used. Regardless of the amount of heat required. And regardless when and for which purpose. The modular components allow the compilation of a customised individual system perfectly tailored to users’ requirements in regard to energy creation, utilisation, hygiene, comfort and savings. There are no limits to the size of the system or of the system technology. From single-family homes to blocks of flats, from hotels to commercial operations or agricultural facilities – whatever is conceivable is also possible.

The Oskar° stratified or buffer storage tank stores the heat like a thermos flask. It is the same principle as with coffee: you make it once and then, ideally, you can enjoy it hot from the thermos flask the whole day through:

Oskar° only stores heated water once there is an excess of thermal energy available, as with solar systems on a hot summer’s day. In this way, various sources of energy that are not available at the push of a button can be used to their best advantage. This protects not only the expensive equipment but the environment as well.

Thanks to its intelligent design, Oskar° also avoids unnecessary heat loss. For instance, all connections are situated at the tank bottom, in the cold zone; this means that there are no breaks in the insulation in the domestic hot water zone. This is how Oskar° retains stored heat for a significantly longer period of time.

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    Oskar° separates the heating water into different temperatures.

    Without the aid of expensive and sensitive control technology, it takes advantage of a natural property of water. After all, water automatically settles into layers of different temperatures, because domestic hot water is lighter than cold water; therefore, it rises to the top. However, this temperature stratification can easily be destroyed, if uncontrolled inflowing water churns up the content of the tank again, causing the layers to be mixed up. The Oskar° stratified storage tank prevents this effect with its intelligent and patented layer control system, in which water pre-sorted by temperature, i.e. the existing layers, is not affected. The Oskar° stratified storage tank is also free of such ‘disruptors’ as internal heat exchangers, which, to put it simply, introduce thermal unrest into the storage tank and destroy stratification in the storage tank.



    Economic use.

    In the places where only domestic hot water is needed, e.g. in underfloor heating or wall heating, it is enough simply to tap into the layer with domestic hot water. This means that the solar system can be used on cloudy days even when there is only a temperature of 40° being produced. Where particularly domestic hot water is needed for example, through the heat exchangers for the hygienic heating of the domestic hot water, Oskar° simply taps into the top temperature layer. In this way, savings of up to 30% and more can be achieved without convenience being compromised.


    Oskar° brings out the best in your heating system.

    Regardless of whether you want to generate domestic hot water for heating, baths and cooking using a solar system, pellets, wood chips, oil, gas, heat pumps, combined heat and power units, or a combination of these sources of energy. And regardless of whether you prefer conventional radiators with high supply temperatures, or would like to use underfloor heating or wall heating that operate at lower temperatures: Oskar° is always your perfect partner – whether for a new build or redevelopment. And it will remain this way in future, too, when new forms of heat generation and heat load come onto the market.



    If you like Oskar°, then you should get to know his family, too.

    After all, the Oskar° stratified storage tank is available not only for any requirement but is also available with the most diverse, complementary add-on modules and combinations. For example, for hygienic drinking water heating (domestic hot water supply), for the use of renewable energies or for energy-saving heat generation and distribution.



    Beyond this, Oskar° can be delivered in parts for narrow staircases and doors less than 80 cm wide; the unit is then welded together on site. Not surprising that Oskar° has proven its worth already thousands of times. Oskar° can easily be tailored to any room size.


Ingeniously simple

The Oskar° layer system

The heating water driven by the pump displaces the water standing in the inside chamber when entering and pushes it into the layer chamber. Thanks to the enlargement of the room volume due to the patented, screw-type design, the flow rate to it is reduced. The water thus calmed now floats into the appropriate layer based on its temperature. There it enters the actual storage area through corresponding openings in the layer insert.

Because of the layered storage of the water, the stratified storage tank in Oskar° can optimally organise different heat sources and heat loads in a very flexible manner.


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