Oskar° Sol
RA 251-4 and RA 215 flat plate collector
Solar energy is sustainability
Future for a 'healthy' climate

Heating costs account for the largest share of energy costs. More than 80 percent of domestic energy consumption is attributable to space heating and water heating. Because this is a crucial cost factor, a lot of money can be saved if as much heat as possible is generated through solar energy. A solar thermal system can be combined with classic, fossil-fuelled boilers as well as with other regenerative devices.

There is less use made than the maximum possible of the sun as a free source of energy for heating systems. 

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    In the transitional periods and during the summer, solar energy can almost single-handedly be used to produce domestic hot water; even in winter, it helps reduce the consumption of other energy sources to the bare minimum.

    Solar thermal energy is a developed and extremely durable technology. There are more than two million systems installed on rooftops in Germany. Solar heat is also subsidised by the state. Up to a quarter of the costly consumption of fuel oil or natural gas can easily be avoided for single-family homes. For this purpose, and depending on installation conditions, we offer a collector with 2.5 m2 (RA 251-4) and a collector with 2 m2 (RA 215).

    Our solar collectors are manufactured at the Dollnstein location, so they have a ‘Made in Germany’ label as well.



Oskar° Sol RA 251-4 flat plate collector

Flexible use and maximum yield

It is more than an ordinary solar collector and represents an key building block in the overall system for utilisation of the sun as a free energy source of which the full potential is still-untapped. In contrast to purely fair-weather solar systems, our Oskar° SOL flat plate collector can capture even the tiniest ray of sunlight.

Because additional heat gains are created in combination with the Oskar° stratified storage tank or the Max-Sol² hybrid heat pump, even at temperatures lower than 35 °C.

Whether flat, single-pitch or saddle roof, we furnish the right installation material. The systems can be installed as high-quality and attractive façade elements as well.

Oskar° Sol RA 215 flat plate collector

Space-saving use

With the same properties, the Oskar° Sol RA 215 flat plate collector can be installed in a space-saving manner, but also just as flexibly on smaller roof surfaces.

Whether flat, single-pitch or saddle roof, we furnish the right installation material.

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