TWKK cascade heater

TWKK cascade heater

Comfort and efficiency for large consumers

In the case of large systems, technical measures have to be observed to reduce the growth of Legionella in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. Under the ordinance, systems with a drinking water volume of more than 400 l and/or a pipeline volume of greater than 3 l between the domestic hot water heater outlet and the sampling point must be heated uniformly at least once a day to at least 60 °C throughout. In addition, the temperature in the circulating hot-water system must not be more than 5 degrees below the temperature of the storage-tank outlet. The larger the volume of hot drinking water stored, the more heat energy is required to sterilise the system as prescribed.

Cascading achieves high control accuracy across a wide range of drinking-water needs – from use of a single sampling point to peak load.

Domestic hot water heating based on the continuous-flow principle is the optimal solution for commercial properties with high demand (e.g. hospitals, hotels, sports facilities, etc.) and a high level of drinking-water hygiene that must be ensured.

Your advantages

With the TWKK cascade heater

The TWKK cascade heater by ratiotherm complies with the state of the art as well as the current regulations, making it hygienically perfect, even for large consumer installations. The compact and modular design of the TWKK enables trouble-free and time-saving on-site installation.

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