TWK domestic hot water heater

TWK domestic hot water heater

Hygiene that leaves no one cold

Domestic hot water heating has been designed as a high-performance continuous flow heater, heating cold drinking water with the help of the domestic hot water from the Oskar° stratified storage tank. This flowing heat creation permits high flow rates and only as much water as actually needed is heated. In addition, the on-demand water volume can be regulated infinitely variable.

Your advantages

With the TWK drinking-water heater

The TWK domestic hot water heater is not only hygienically impeccable but also saves large amounts of expensive energy through minimum heat losses during idling and low charge temperatures. Limiting the charge temperature to below 60°C (where the Drinking Water Ordinance permits) also prevents the precipitation of limestone – dissolved in the water – in the heat exchanger during cooling and protects the user from scalding through excessively domestic hot water.

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