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If you compare the Oskar° heating systems to a living organism, the Oskar° stratified storage tank would represent the heart, but the Oskar° Control regulating and control unit the brain.

As part of a sophisticated and intelligent energy management the temperatures are recorded at a variety of measuring points, valves are controlled, heat generators activated and pumps switched on or off.

This is based on a software customised to the individual components of the Oskar° heating system and the demands of the residents. The goal: highest savings with maximum use of regenerative energies, without losing sight of comfort.

The intelligent and mature software of the Oskar° regulating and control unit – using even the smallest setscrew of a highly complex system for continuous optimisation – is the result of over ten years of experience. This allows the Oskar° heating system to respond flexibly to a wide variety of situations. At the same time, heat and energy losses need to be consistently avoided.

Apart from the ‘brain’, the ‘nerves’, that is, the measuring points for the regulation and control of an Oskar° heating system, are indispensable. For example, they record the temperatures of the different water layers in the stratified tank Oskar°. A thermowell bundle was therefore constructively integrated into the stratified storage tank, permitting subsequent exact and individual adjustment of the measuring points in the individual thermal layers.

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