OEM - Manufacturing

In-house OEM production

Customer-specific solutions in the area of heating, cooling, energy flow

Today's increasingly complex technical requirements and increasingly sophisticated processes often make it difficult to find the right product for a very specific application. Often compromises have to be made or existing products have to be adapted at great expense. As developers of customer-specific solutions in the field of heat, cooling and energy flow, we know the wishes of the industry for products and assemblies developed specifically for the specific application very well.

Together with the customer we offer the complete project development in the following steps:

  • Preparation of a requirement and performance specification
  • Review and evaluation of existing fundamentals and products
  • In-house engineering, construction and testing of prototypes
  • Development and adaptation of control strategy and control technology (software and hardware)
  • Support in case of necessary certifications, etc.
  • Production of small series

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