Heating + Cooling with photovoltaics

Heating + Cooling with photovoltaics

Solutions for power generation plants phased out under the Renewable Energy Sources Act

Solar electricity, as generated by a photovoltaic system on the roof, or electricity generated in any other way on the basis of renewable energies, can be consumed by oneself or fed into the public grid. The latter, however, is becoming increasingly unattractive for the solar power producer, as the government feed-in tariff is constantly falling. The electricity produced can also be converted into heat or cold. In the case of photovoltaics, for example, it is precisely the application of cooling that runs parallel to the generation of electricity, and the cooling capacity required in sunshine is also higher than in hours with little sunshine. Solar cooling can be implemented via heat pumps or, for larger applications, via adsorption or absorption chillers. Heat generation from renewable electricity can be efficiently realized by appropriate electric heaters.

An overview of the advantages of PV's own electricity use:

  • Prices for photovoltaic systems are constantly falling, which makes direct use for heating and cooling purposes interesting.
  • Alternative to EEG remuneration for existing old plants
  • In combination with a stratified storage tank a real alternative to expensive electricity storage tanks

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