Air heat pumps

Air heat pump WP Max-Air

Significant energetic added value thanks to hybrid function

The WP Max-Air air heat pump, designed as a split unit, is characterised by quiet operation thanks to its highly insulated outdoor part. By reversing the cooling circuit, active cooling can also be achieved, a real added value for the user during the hot season of the year.

The advantages of the WP Max-Air series at a glance:

Reliable operation thanks to high-quality components
Optional hybrid heat exchanger increases efficiency
Best efficiency through high coefficients of performance (COP)

COP up to 5,11

Low noise emission in outdoor areas due to innovative design
Fast, simple and flexible installation, without the need for costly construction measures
Power range:
3,6 - 17,7 kW (A+2/W35)

Special features:

Inverter control:

The WP Max-Air series can cover a very wide performance spectrum in the field of heat generation or cooling via the standard integrated speed control by means of inverter technology. Thus a wide range of applications is available. Inverter technology, for example, also permits power regulation in order to use PV electricity as required for heating or cooling purposes. This heat pump offers you the highest savings potential because it always delivers the right output and automatically adapts to the current energy demand of the living space at any time of the year.


Hybrid function:

Optionally, the WP Max-Air can also be used as a hybrid heat pump. The hybrid effect is realised via an additional heat exchanger integrated in the refrigeration circuit, which can also use low-temperature waste heat sources for energy generation. This is very interesting, for example, in order to integrate a solar thermal system; in periods of bad weather, the heat pump can access otherwise unusable heat potentials from solar thermal energy and make them available to the user. The accompanying increase in efficiency and the high coefficient of performance represent a significant added value compared to standard systems.

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