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A heating system with a future

Renewable Energy heating systems - suitable for every application

Given the worldwide scarcity in raw materials and the variety of available alternatives for heat generation and heat distribution, the builder’s decision for a heating system is not an easy one. Regardless of the energy source ultimately chosen – whether pellets, oil, gas, geothermal or solar heat or a combination of these – you need a well-functioning and coordinated heating system, with efficient heat and buffer storage tanks.

From the earliest days of the company’s history, ratiotherm has been committed to efficiency and sustainability. In the course of its development, then as now, the focus has been to use environmental energy in combination with different energy sources. This requirement means that, today, we can rightly present ourselves as a regenerative system provider for efficient heating systems. Whether for a detached house, a multiple dwelling, an entire block of flats or in commercial and industrial companies, whether new construction or modernisation, at ratiotherm, we have the right heating system and an approach of optimally integrating regenerative energies into the future concept.

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    Our pre-mounted heating systems cover a wide range of use cases, from basic systems to solar thermal systems to heat pump systems for single-family and multiple dwellings. Here, all the important components for heat storage, heat generation, heat distribution and intelligent control of the entire system are simply and clearly put together. The Oskar° heating systems are already superbly prepared for the future requirements of heat supply.

    Heat storage plays a major role in our regenerative heating systems. This means that as a central element or interface between heat generation and heat distribution, the heat storage tank plays an extremely important role in tandem with the correct functioning of the entire heating system. We have filled this role with the thermohydraulic Oskar° stratified storage tank, thus ensuring that the system technology around the Oskar° family provides optimally coordinated operation.

Oskar° explains its function

simple yet holistic

With the patented Oskar° stratified storage tank as a smart energy manager, you’ll always make the right decision. It is the heart of any heating system and organises heat with the utmost efficiency. Even existing heating systems can be optimally supplemented and thus optimised with the Oskar° stratified storage tank. It organises the heat from a heating system so efficiently that, with its help, up to 50% of your heating needs (and – depending on the type of building and systems involved – even more) can be achieved by a solar system alone.

To make this possible Oskar° uses a patented, thermohydraulic layer system – and simple, physical laws of nature. Furthermore, Oskar° loves orderliness, is reliable, fastidious, intelligent, independent and easy to connect to.

Get to know Oskar° and its flexible advantages. Today, many years of engineering expertise, in-depth research and development as well as rock-solid craftsmanship make the Oskar° stratified storage tank what started out as a vision over 20 years ago:

A high-quality product, ‘Made in Germany’, that the user of our heating systems can always depend on in daily use.

Heating smartly means

learning from nature

We have explored the question of the ideal heating system, not just theoretically, but also in very practical ways. As an answer or result, we are proud to present the Oskar° stratified storage tank as a central element and future-proof solution.

The components of the Oskar° heating systems

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